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BRAZIL — Dark Roast

BRAZIL — Dark Roast

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Brazil:  From the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, this natural processed coffee ferments for 14 days, to break down sugars into the seed, and then is sun-dried on raised beds. Our importer works directly with a cooperative of families in this region, each owning their own estate.

One such estate is Sao Lourenco. They cultivate different crop cultures and livestock to help diversify their farm. The farm also manages its own processing to maintain control leading to better cup uniformity.

This direct trade relationship has brought much-needed sustainable employment to farmers in the area, and as a result, their children have had consistent opportunities to attend school. The consistent relationship has also brought stable economic benefits to the region by reducing the volatility of the market.

Size: 12oz

Origin: Minas Gerais — Brazil

    Notes: Mild Acidity, Chocolate, Marshmallow, Nuts


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