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Copy of Sumatra Queen Ketiara Test

Copy of Sumatra Queen Ketiara Test

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REGION: Southeast Asia
ORIGIN: Indonesia
FARM/CO-OP: Koperasi Ketiara
ELEVATION: 1,240 – 1,560m
TASTE: Dark Chocolate | Cedar | Fruit Leather

The Organic Sumatra Queen Ketiara is a rich bean with an earthy body combined with notes of cedar and vanilla and a with dark chocolate Finish.

This coffee comes to us from the women run Ketiara Cooperative, established in 2009, is made up of nearly two thousand small shareholders. The farmers of Ketiara produce Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, and Catimor varieties using the traditional wet-hulled process of Indonesia. The co-op holds its Fair Trade and Organic Certification.

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