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Congo | South Kivu

Congo | South Kivu

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Region: South Lake Kivu
Cooperative: SOPACDI
Current Lot #: CGS 2101
Taste Notes: Blackberry, Candied Citrus, Kiwi, Crisp
Partners Since: 2013
Roast Level: Light Roast
Post Harvest Process: Traditional Washed


With high altitudes and beautiful terrain, the western shores of Lake Kivu is an ideal region for cultivating exceptional specialty coffees and the flavor profile of this coffee is evidence of that. We taste a wide array of flavors from candied citrus and kiwi to cacao nibs and lemongrass. It also carries a lighter body and crisp finish which makes this coffee excellent for folks who like a little more acidity in their cup. SOPACDI and the more than 11,000 farmer members that make up the co-op are a critical part of the economic and cultural healing that Congo is working towards after years of civil war and conflict, and we strive to make our partnership with SOPACDI a positive step in that process.

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