Pour Over Brewing Method

Pour Over Brewing Instructions

  • Directions
    • Add 17g of medium ground coffee
    • 0:00 - Zero your scale and add 40g of water, swirl and wait 30 sec for bloom
    • 0:30 - 2nd pour to 180g and give it a little swirl
    • Allow the coffee to drain enough for the final pour, about 10 sec
    • 3rd pour to 285g and give another little swirl, let it draw down
    • It should finish brewing around 3m 15s. If it finishes too fast use a finer grind and vice versa.

    • Be your own brew master. Be sure to play around with these variable to get your desired flavor. Here are a few ideas on things to tweak.
      • Use a finer grind, hotter water or longer brew time if your coffee tastes weak, sour or underdeveloped.
      • Use a coarser grind, cooler water or shorter brew time if your coffee tastes bitter, overly strong or astringent.
      • Note: start with grind size.