• Home alone and feeling Monday's back-to-work-blues? Break out the Moka Pot or espresso machine, search Spotify for Cake's "The Distance", play it too loud and pretend your weekend was just extended. Taste the amazing full bodied flavor that refuses to get bitter throughout the entire experience and when finished, click your heels three times and get in the shower. Only losers are late!
  • Sunday brunch with someone special?  Nothing screams keeper like busting out a french press with a little Billie Holiday in the background. Dial in your coarse grind, make your first pour and push down the bloom like a maverick. Make your second pour and push the plunger just under the crema to encourage proper extraction. After four minutes say something about the chocolaty or molasses notes while you fill each other's Tin Top mugs, then drop the mic and let your special someone brag on your skills. If they don't, mute their instagram feed and never invite them back because they're not good for you.
  • Finer things club at work? Dancewalk yourself into the room with your iPhone bumping Kanye's "Power" in your pocket like the proud millennial you are.  Bust out your aeropress, disk filters and if you're really trying to impress, your own manual grinder. After your colleague finishes sharing stroopwafels from their vaguely recollected Amsterdam trip, you can share how your life has been completely transformed by Tin Top's Spin The Top Club. How you were once a lowly car-driving-coffee-drinker with no friends but now your Aeropress skills have elevated you to Beyonce level coolness.