Select three bags of coffee each shipment or use "Roasters Choice" as one or more of your selections. Support a different roaster each time or mix and match to spread the love. Your first order comes with a Tin Top Coffee Canister and scoop.


    Your order is sent to our local roasters, based on your selected order interval, and put into their weekly roasting cycle for the freshest coffee possible. We package it up and deliver to your doorstep.


    Running out sooner than expected? No Problem! You can edit your upcoming delivery date to compensate. You can also pause or cancel your subscription anytime and keep your schwag.

Why Three Bags At A Time?

I am so glad you asked! Our research shows that three bags is a magic number considering you can move your shipment date up if you need more or vice versa if you need less. Also, shipping less than three bags turns out to be downright wasteful. Shipping one bag uses the same amount of logisitic energy (processing time, packaging materials, fuel, delivery time, shipping cost, etc.) as shipping three. So responsible consumers such as yourself not only get a discounted price for doing their part, but they can feel good about helping their roasters and the environment by embracing the Tin Top three bag model.


    Every club member receives a Tin Top Coffee cansiter with their first shipment. Best practice is to put one bag of coffee in your air tight canister and the other two in your freezer until needed. The freezer will stop the degassing process that happens with fresh roasted coffee, allowing you to maintain freshness substantially longer. Important note: once you remove from the freezer do not put it back in.


    We lock your coffee selections seven days before each delivery. Why? We want your coffee to be delievered soon after it's been roasted for the best quality and flavor possible. This time allows us to work with our roasters' existing schedules and optimize timing to give you perfectly fresh beans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a single order coffee purchase?

Yes. Go to the "Coffees" page and click the "More" link for the coffee you are interested in.

How do I get my 5% member discount?

Member must be logged in and use the discount code: CLUBMEMBER at checkout.

Is it okay to freeze my coffee?

Yes, it will slow the degassing process of fresh roasted coffee. Once you take it out of the freezer put it in your coffee canister to maintain maximum freshness.

How can I change my next shipment date?

Login to your account and click "manage subscription" at the top right. Then click the "Change Date" link near the top of the page.

How do I change my upcoming coffee selections?

Login to your account and click "manage subscription" at the top right. Then click the "Manage Upcoming Orders" link in the bottom list of actions.

Do I have to live in Boulder County to be a member?

No not at all. Membership is available to anyone who loves what's going on in the Boulder County coffee scene and wants to support it.