Coffee Strainer Brewing Method

Coffee Strainer Brewing Instructions

  • What you'll need
    • A coffee strainer (we highly recommend the Tin Top's strainer)
    • A 10oz mug of your choice (here's ours)
    • 18g of coffee ground on a medium setting
    • 290g of water
  • Directions
    • Add 18g of medium ground coffee
    • 0:00 - Zero your scale and fill as far as possible - until the bloom gets to the top of the strainer, Wait 30 sec.
    • 0:30 - 2nd pour until the coffee reaches the top of the mug, slightly lift strainer and use spoon to push grounds into water.
    • 4:00 - Remove strainer.

  • Note: there will be some sludge at the bottom of the cup. Be careful on your last drink to avoid it.