Classic Comfort Coffees

These are the coffees you run to when your morning is off to an amazing start, or a horrible one. They are so drinkable it will challenge your will power to maintain your daily limit. They have what we call "classic coffee taste". We promise it will make you smile.

  • Colombia | Cauca

    Conscious Coffees

    Tasting Notes: Baker's chocolate, green apple, stone fruit.

  • Sumatra Queen Ketiara

    OZO Coffee Company

    Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, cedar, fruit leather.

  • Guatemala Nahuala Dark

    Ampersand Coffee Roasters

    Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, thin orange lining, touch of smoke.

Complex Contemplative Coffees

If you're ready to expand your palate and start searching for those flavors further out on the SCA's flavor wheel these are for you. Great tasting coffees with more nuance than our classic coffees. These are light roasted to ensure as much of the origin remains intact for your sipping pleasure.

  • Ethiopia | Sidama Natural

    Conscious Coffees

    Tasting Notes: Blueberry, milk chocolate, juicy.

  • Mighty Peace Congo

    Ampersand Coffee Roasters

    Tasting Notes: Delicate milk chocolate, caramel, lemon-lime.

  • SOLD OUT: Congo | South Kivu Region

    Conscious Coffees

    Tasting Notes: Blackberry, candied citrus, kiwi, crisp.

Dark Mysterious Coffees (Espresso)

For our morning espresso lovers this is your section. Or, if you like your coffee dark and mysterious and aren't afraid of titles, look no further. These coffees frequent our espresso machines but we also have a tendency to knock out an AeroPress with them when the mood presents itself.

  • Isabelle Espresso

    OZO Coffee Company

    Tasting Notes: Heavy, rich, chocolaty, smoky and sweet.

  • Mantécca | Epresso Blend

    Conscious Coffees

    Tasting Notes: Roasted Almond, Dark Chocolate, Dried Fruit.

  • Ampersand Espresso

    Ampersand Coffee Roasters

    Tasting Notes: Chocolate, caramel with a slight sweet nut finish.

Worthy Decaffeinated Coffees

Whether you have cut caffine for a time, or for good, or maybe just after 12pm, this section is for you! We bring you decafs that are full of flavor and worthy of a specialty coffee experience.

  • Downshift Decaf

    Conscious Coffees

    Tasting Notes: Caramel, milk chocolate, roasted hazelnut.

  • Decaf Blend

    OZO Coffee Co

    Tasting Notes: Chocolaty, sweet, rich, mild acidity, clean finish.

  • Swiss Water Process Decaf

    Ampersand Coffee Roasters

    Tasting Notes: Balanced dark chocolate & caramel with full body.

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