Wake up with purpose... and real good coffee

Tin Top is your guide for bringing the specialty coffee experience home. Get more out of your daily coffee ritual with sustainably sourced coffee. Brew it in curated equipment designed with quality and beauty in mind and be ready to face your day with intention.

Origin Story

Our Mission

To fuel your journey with great tasting coffees from suppliers making a positive impact in their communities.

What's in a name, why Tin Top?

Spinning a toy top is simplistically gratifying yet the experience is consistently short, forcing you to re-engage and spin it again… and again… and again. Likewise, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to remind yourself as you make your coffee each day that no matter how many "spins" you have taken toward your goals up to that point, the next one is the most important. 

Keep going, life is a journey, and failures don’t define you — they train you.

Our Promise

To encourage you in your personal journey with coffees you can be proud to drink and equipment you can fall in love with.


    Our founder Kent has been roasting beans for almost two decades. It’s an understatement to say that when it comes to coffee, he has high standards. Kent scoured Boulder County to find the best local, organic, and fair-trade beans. With our club options, you get it fresh and exactly when you need it. 

  • GEAR

    Even with the best coffee, you’re not going to get a good cup unless you have the right gear. Not sure what gear to buy? We did the dirty work for you. We searched high and low for high-quality coffee accessories, tested them vigorously, and whittled down our selection to the very best.


    The consistent coffee ritual each morning of pausing, reflecting, and engaging while enjoying a cup of coffee has led to thousands of meaningful conversations, important realizations, and timely decisions. We’re here to encourage you to make the most of your coffee time each day.