The Best Holiday Gifts for Coffee Lovers

The Best Holiday Gifts for Coffee Lovers

The holidays are no longer just coming; they’re HERE! And if you’re anything like us, you are looking for unique gifts with some thought behind them. Plus, you need to make a decision FAST cause you may have procrastinated — just a tiny bit. (Where does the time go!?)

Thankfully, if you have a coffee-obsessed individual in your life (or even an aspiring one), we’ve got you covered. There are thousands of coffee gadgets and roasting varietals out there and we’ve narrowed it down to the best of the best. And we’re not just saying that—we personally tested all kinds of coffee gear with beans from all over the world to curate the perfect selections. 

There’s something for everyone.

For the Indecisive One

Tin Top Coffee Club

For your loved one who is always changing things up, our coffee club subscription is just what the doctor ordered. The club member gets to choose which three coffees they want each month— there’s always something new to discover. Want three different coffees from three different roasters? No problem. And if they find a roast they love, they can set it and forget it. 

All new club members get a coffee canister for fresh keeping and a coffee scoop. 

For the Traveling Minimalist

Coffee Strainer Bundle

Coffee Strainer Bundle

Are you looking for a clever coffee gift for a loved one who likes to travel light? They need the Coffee Strainer Bundle. 

This bundle includes a bag of delicious coffee of your choice (perhaps your traveler will like something adventurous like Ampersand’s Mighty Peace Congo), a simple yet perfect mug, and a travel-ready coffee strainer. 

What, you’ve never used a strainer to make coffee before? The Tin Top Strainer is a pocket-sized, super light contraption that delivers a delicious cup without wasteful, messy paper filers. Just put your grounds in the strainer, drop it into your mug of hot water, and let it brew. The strainer is tiny but packs a punch. It’s clutch when traveling, at the office, or whenever you feel like it. 

For the Coffee Loving Perfectionist

French Press Bundle

We all have those people in our lives that are on the search for perfection in everything they do. When it comes to french press coffee, the French Press Bundle is the pinnacle.

You’ve never seen a french press like this. The Clara French Press takes french press coffee to a level you didn’t even know existed. Just look at it — it’s a piece of art and super functional to boot. With vacuum-insulated walls, your coffee stays at the ideal brewing temp for extraction and minimizes the risk of a cold second (or third or fourth) cup. Plus, the enhanced mesh filtration keeps the coffee smooth and silt-free from the first cup to the last.  

The lucky gift recipient will also get a bag of freshly roasted organic and fair trade beans (you choose which roast!) and a mug that feels fantastic. 

If you’re looking for just the Clara French Press on its own, we’ve got that too.

For the Gadget Nerd


As far as gadgets go, your friend or loved one needs to have them all. If you’re looking for a gift that will meet their expectations, the AeroPress is it.

As its cult following will tell you, the Aeropress is fantastic at crafting American-style, cold brew-style, or espresso-style coffee. Its rapid total immersion brewing process extracts flavor from the beans for a no-grit or bitterness cup of joe. It’s simple, it’s functional, and it makes a damn good cup of coffee. 

Want a bundle to go with it? Get the AeroPress Bundle which includes a bag of coffee and mug to complete the package. 

For the Espresso Enthusiast 

Those who love espresso do so fiercely. If you want to get them a taste of what they crave on a budget, gift them a club membership and start them out with three amazing dark mysterious coffees from our roasters — always organic, always fairtrade. 

If you want to go big, win your espresso love over with the Silvia Singe Group Espresso Machine. We searched far and wide for the best machine at this price point and the Silvia was the obvious winner. She strikes the perfect balance of style and performance. She is professional yet approachable. The modern design makes a smooth and creamy espresso, is easy to clean, compact, and sure to impress. 

Looking for something else?

There’s more where that came from. No matter the passions and interests of your loved ones, if they like coffee, we’ve got something for them that’s been well-tested and coffee-snob-approved. 

Check out gifts under $100 here or over $100 here

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