A Change is Brewing at Tin Top Coffee Co.

A Change is Brewing at Tin Top Coffee Co.

After years of roasting for friends and family as a side project the time has finally come to take Tin Top Coffee Co. to the next level. Starting October 1st, 2022 this long standing passion project will become real work! That may mean longer hours for us, but it means way more rad stuff for you.

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Buckle up because we are stepping on the gas.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What’s not changing is our passion for a borderline obsessive-compulsive perfect cup of coffee and that must-have meaningful ritual that comes with it. 

If you put forth the right effort and intentions, coffee can be the catalyst for an amazing day. The 15-minutes you spend preparing and drinking your morning joe gives you time to think, reflect, and dream. Don’t mess it up by being glued to your phone.

What we’re changing won’t alter your morning ritual—only enhance it. We are partnering with several local game changing roasters to bring you a wide variety of amazing coffees for your daily ritual. We will also be offering collaborative roasts on a quarterly basis that allocation members will have exclusive access to. There is way too much goodness happening in the coffee industry right now for us to only focus on ourselves.

Coffee won’t be the only thing we’re offering. From Wave 185s to Silvias, we’re scouring the earth to uncover a curated collection of the things we love most to share with you. And you can get all of those things from the Tin Top Coffee Marketplace.

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