OZO Coffee Company

OZO Coffee Company

From Seed to Cup — OZO’s Journey to Craft a Coffee Community in Boulder, Colorado and Support Coffee Farmers Worldwide

If you drink coffee in Boulder county, you’ve probably heard of OZO coffee. This roaster and retailer has certainly made a name for itself with 5 locations, meticulously roasted coffee, and an emphasis on sustainability and community. 

OZO’s founder, Justin Hartman, was blown away the first time he tried specialty coffee — it was nothing like what he tasted in diners growing up. Not knowing which direction to go after college, he decided to follow his passion, coffee. Not only did he fall in love with the aroma and flavors, but with the coffee community as well.

Justin spent several years working at different coffee shops, learning the industry ropes, and gaining first-hand business knowledge. In 2007 he opened up his first OZO location — a coffee shop in eastern Boulder, Colorado. His years of training paid off — it was only a few months until the line was out the door. 

A Roaster is Born

At first, OZO was purely a retailer, but roasting their own beans was always part of the plan. They used trusted local roasters and worked with them to create signature roasts. Two years after opening their doors and with a strong local following to support the business, Justin took the plunge and bought a roaster. Soon after, OZO started serving their signature roasts, gently educating their fans on single-origin coffees, selected blends, and different roasting styles.  

As they grew, Justin recognized that OZO could positively impact the coffee farms where they sourced beans. He committed to keeping OZO’s coffee ethically sourced and sustainable to conserve nature and provide better livelihoods for the people who grow and process it.

OZO Coffee Makes a Bigger Impact

Additional OZO locations opened, expanding into the Boulder community and helping coffee farmers worldwide make a better living as they scaled. From seed to cup, OZO ensures consistent harvest practices to deliver the highest quality throughout the entire supply chain. 

Today, OZO sources beans that are Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance certified. Small batches are roasted with meticulous care using their Diedrich and Gothot coffee roasters. Roast profiles are perfected for each coffee to develop and highlight the best characteristic of each unique region.

At Tin Tip Coffee, we chose to partner with OZO because of their dedication to sustainability, their delicious roasts, and the undeniable sense of community that you get when you step into any of their locations. When you order OZO coffee from Tin Top, it gets shipped soon after OZO’s roasters do their magic — ensuring you get the freshest coffee possible. 

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