Ramirez Estate is known in the DR for being extraordinarily socially conscious. They use fermented coffee cherries to create natural gas, which partially powers...

  • 18 Conejos - HONDURAS

    18 Rabbit (18 Conejos) is a collective of farms all owned by different members of the Zelaya Ontreras family. Dulce Marlen, the owner of Finca Dulce Luna, is the matriarch of the family, and the owner...

  • Sao Lourenco Estate - BRAZIL

    Sao Lourenco Estate cultivates different crop cultures and livestock to help diversify their farm. The farm also manages its own processing to maintain control leading...


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Choose Coffee You're Proud to Drink: Our coffees are ethically sourced from farms, co-ops and roasters making a difference in their communities.

Brew It With Passion: Preparing your coffee in a way that is life giving to the coffee, and to you.

Be Intentional: Your coffee time is often the most consistent ritual of your day. Enjoy it with a creator's mindset — designing your day rather than scrolling your feed.


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    "I love the convenience and selection. It shows up at my door exactly when I need it and I don't have to worry about running out."

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    "Supporting local roasters is important to me. Tin Top is like my local coffee shop!"

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    "I like knowing that every coffee from Tin Top is ethically sourced. You can't go wrong with their selections."
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